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Keetham Lake And Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary – Agra

“Sur Sarovar (Keetham) is one of the bird sanctuary which provides shelter to migratory and resident birds” – keetham jheel agra, wildlife sos agra timings, soor sarovar bird sanctuary timings, keetham lake bird sanctuary, bird sanctuary near agra, keetham lake timings, keetham lake visit timings

The area around the Keetham lake has been transformed and developed into wetlands by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department. Owing to this, the lake became a haven for birds, including migratory birds and residential birds. The area around the lake provides shelter to more than 165 species of birds.

During the summer season, the entire lake area is covered by macrophytic vegetation of water hyacinth and Potamogeton species. On the other hand, during winter season, the water quality of the lake supports wide range of avifauna. Some of the aquatic birds that can be spotted are little gerbs, purple heron, paddy bird, cormorants, darter and grey heron.

Visitors can also catch a glimpse of cattle egrets, large egrets, smaller egrets ad little egrets. Other bird species like night heron, bar headed goose, spoonbill, greying goose, pintail and comb duck can also be seen here. Sur Sarovar has one of the biggest Bear Rescue centres. Here are some of the details you need to know for planning your trip. Main highlights of Soor Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary includes..

Bear Rescue Center : Started with a group of 25 rescued dancing bear in year 2005,the rescue centre is now home to more than 300 former dancing bears, where they are taken care of by various wildlife experts. Sheer number of bears makes it world’s single largest bear sanctuary. The centre also serves as education center for visiting school groups.

Bird Sanctuary : Home to more than 165 migatory and resident birds. Soor Sarovar also provides wonderful opportunity of bird watching, bird nesting, bird photography. It is listed as an (IBA ) important bird area IN 135 . Sanctuary covers an area of 8 sq km and has a beautiful lake covering the area of 2.25 km with the depth of 4 meter to 8 meters.

Pythons, Snakes : Sanctuary also has more than 300 pythons, sighting of which can also be exciting & fun for tourists and children.

Sur Sarovar (Keetham) Bird Sanctuary Timing: – Summer: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM, Winter: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Sur Sarovar (Keetham) Bird Sanctuary Tour duration: – More than 3hrs

Sur Sarovar (Keetham) Bird Sanctuary Location: – Agra bear rescue facility is located inside Sur Sarovar Bird Santuary, Keetam, Agra. If you are driving from Delhi, the bear rescue facility is 16 km before Agra and 12 km before Sikandra Fort on the main Delhi-Agra road.

Sur Sarovar (Keetham) Bird Sanctuary Validity: – This package is available throughout the year

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